Turning pumpkin seeds into pumpkin pie

Courtesy Planting Roots Preschool/Planting Roots Preschool students made pumpkin pies from scratch using sweet pumpkins they had grown earlier in the year.

FORT LARAMIE – Students at Planting Roots Preschool in Fort Laramie began growing sweet pumpkins from seeds earlier this year and had the opportunity to turn those pumpkins into a delicious pumpkin pie on Nov. 18. 

The students were involved with physically doing every part of the baking process. The students cleaned out the pumpkin seeds, cracked the eggs, measured the ingredients and put everything together to create the pie.

“We had them be hands-on,” Director Laura Curstinger said.

The students took their raw sweet pumpkins, opened them up and cleaned out the seeds. Curstinger took this opportunity to teach the students how they could take the seeds and either dry them out, roast them and eat them, or they could plant the pumpkin seeds in soil to create new pumpkins for the next year.

After learning about the seeds, the pumpkins were turned over and baked in the oven.

They then took the baked pumpkins and made a puree with the flesh of the pumpkin. Finally, they added a few ingredients to the puree and crafted the pies.

Once the pies were finished baking, the students had the opportunity to eat the pie, topped with whipped cream of course.

“They loved it,” Curtsinger said. “They loved the fact that we were able to take something like a pumpkin and create it into a snack, and they all loved the pie afterward. It was neat that they really got the concept of the whole cycle; how you grow it, you pick it, you cook it, you eat it and then you can also use the seeds to start another whole process again for next year.”


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