Town budget approved on third reading

Logan Dailey/Lingle Guide Mayor George Siglin looks over the proposed contract from Newcomb’s Heating & Cooling at the June 23 meeting of the Lingle Town Council.

Council to work without pay

LINGLE – The Lingle Town Council convened for their second regular monthly meeting of June on Wednesday, June 23, in the Lingle Community Center. Mayor George Siglin, Town Clerk Ritch Reyes, Councilmembers Steve Edwardson, Brandie Cook and Joe Welte were present while Councilmember A.J. Lambert was absent.

The council unanimously approved Ordinance No. 352 for the new fiscal year’s budget. The budget totals $2,026,900, which is an increase of $64,000 compared to last year. Siglin said the additional amount was due to carry over from the previous year.

In addition to passing the budget, the council agreed to go another year without having their salaries paid. Rather, the town will leave what would have been used for their salaries in the town’s budget. The total savings amounts to around $9,800, according to Siglin.

Siglin told the council and attendees the new ambulance was still not in service as they were waiting for the final approval for certification by the state. He also reported Fire Chief Kasey Bangerter had said he was not sure whether there would be a fire ban for this year’s Independence Day celebration or not.

Progress is currently happening on the StoryWalk project in Whipple Park, according to Siglin, as he and Town Supervisor Larry Haeffelin had been working to install the signs for the project earlier in the week.

The council also unanimously approved the second readings of Ordinance Nos. 353, 354 and 355. Ordinance No. 353 would update the traffic offense regulations governing recreational vehicles, allowing recreational vehicles to be parked on town streets between May 1 and Oct. 31. Ordinance No. 354 would shorten the publication time requirement for those who wished to obtain a variance to a building code. Ordinance No. 355 would establish legal ramifications for failing to appear at arraignment and trials in matters involving violations of municipal code.

The council unanimously approved a variance request by Cathy Daiss to build a carport, and the renewal of a contract with Newcomb’s Heating & Cooling. Siglin told the council Newcomb’s costs had increased for the company, so the cost of the contract had also increased.

Siglin also discussed a possible change in ordinance should the legislature amend the statute governing property owner liability. He said there had been discussion in the legislature about creating a statute which would bar property owners from being liable for overdue bills incurred by tenants of the property.

Should the state approve such a statute, Siglin said the town’s ordinance would be changed to prohibit renters from being on town bills, only property owners would be permitted to be on town accounts.

In addition, Siglin also discussed putting forth a utility deposit increase. He proposed an initial increase to a $350 deposit, followed by an increase to a $700 deposit, which Siglin said he hopes the next council will approve of and pass.

Lastly, Cook asked the council to consider how to handle nuisance properties in Lingle. She said she wanted to know how to handle abandoned cars, properties with excess rubbish, community hazards and potential safety issues caused by rubbish on private lots.

The council discussed the matter, briefly, but decided to continue the discussion later.

The office will be closed on July 23 due to a scheduling conflict, and the next meeting of the Lingle Town Council will take place Wednesday, July 7, 2021, at 5 p.m. in the Lingle Community Center.


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