Sex offenders helping pay for record keeping

TORRINGTON – A statute passed by the 2017 Wyoming Legislature is aimed at helping pay to monitor sex offenders. Beginning July 1, 2017, additions or deletions to addresses, registrations of vehicles, phones, etc., will require a fee.
Goshen County Under Sheriff Jeremy Wardell said the fee is a new charge for recording most changes in addresses, occupations, and other aspects of the individual offender’s life.
“We collect the $31.25 fee for each update and send it to the Wyoming Department of Criminal Investigation where it will help recover some of the cost of the software system,” Wardell said Monday.
Habitual, mailing and temporary addresses (vacations, out of town, jobs, trips, etc.) qualify for the fee.
Recording changes in employment, whether part-time or full time, is included, however, temporary jobs less than 14 days a year are exempt.
Volunteer jobs that may or may not have compensation, benefit or pay, qualify, but temporary volunteering less than 14 days a year does not need updated.
Changes in any adult education facility subjects physically attend, excluding Internet only classes, must be updated.
Changes in all owned or operated vehicles, including cars, trucks, trailers, motorcycles, 4-wheelers, tractors, campers, RVs, farm or construction equipment, with or without registration must be reported and qualify for the new fee.
Watercraft of any type, except a personal flotation device, meet the fee requirements. Any trailers used for the watercraft also need to be listed.
Any type of aircraft in which you climb into to pilot (does not include small remote control aircraft) also requires the fee.
Included in the fee list are phones for personal use, work, school, home, or volunteer, and all cell phones.
Also included are any and all emails you use (personal, work, Smart Phones). This includes social media and gaming sites.
Updates mean adding or deleting, according to the Wyoming Sex Offender Registration Act W.S.S. 7-19-301 thru 7-19-310.
Fees for offenders new to Wyoming are $150. Indigent offenders must complete the required application for Indegency.
For more information, contact the Goshen County Sheriff’s Office.

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