Residents express concerns about unofficial shooting range

LINGLE – There will be no more shooting at the town dump, Lingle council members agreed at a regular meeting Wednesday evening after hearing concerns from residents who live nearby.

“There are individuals up there target shooting … I believe there was some ricocheting going on,” Tricia Otten said, adding she fears for the safety of her family, including two young children. She also expressed concerns about noise.

“I’ve been there about five years, (and had) no issues whatsoever … but it’s pretty constant now,” Otten said.

Resident Virginia Ebert stated, at one point, she and her husband were working in the backyard and the noise was “so alarming” the couple ran inside their home, afraid they were being shot at. Following a “cautious investigation”, Ebert said her husband discovered the sound was coming from the makeshift shooting range at the town dump.

“We don’t feel safe when we’re outside and we hear it,” she said. “We believe people should feel safe on their property and in their home … we believe the practice should end – that’s how strongly we feel about it.”

Use of the “shooting range”, which includes target holders, a backstop, and picnic tables, has generally been restricted to police officers and town employees.

“I would have some concerns, too, if I lived where they live … I don’t know anything about these people – I only know somebody is essentially shooting in my backyard,” Police Chief Endra Andrews said. She informed the council she would be willing to continue firearm practice at the range in Torrington, indicating she supports officially shutting down the unofficial range in Lingle.

“I think we should shut it down totally, and that’s the end of it,” council member Steve Edwardson said.

Maintenance Supervisor Larry Haeffelin said he plans to take out the targets and picnic tables and visit with the individuals involved.

The gate leading to the town dump will remain open for residents to drop off trash.

In other business:

n Mayor George Siglin recognized the 75th anniversary of D-Day, Thursday.

n Andrews reported she responded to 43 incidents since the last meeting.

n Lingle Volunteer Fire Department Chief Kasey Bangerter stated the department handled six ambulance calls and one fire call last month. He added the LVFD’s membership is now full. “We’ve capped at 25 – not all active,” he said. 

The celebration for the 100-year LVFD anniversary in March 2020 is still in planning stages.

n Lifeguard Cody Powell, in place of Pool Manager Brandi Hill, said on Wednesday, June 19, the pool plans to host The Longest Day – a night swim from 6 to 8 p.m. with free-will donation for Alzheimer’s awareness. The event is for all ages, with free water aerobics for those 16 and over starting at 5:15 p.m. The pool will also have a bake sale that evening. All funds stay in
Goshen County.

On July 6 and Aug. 8, the pool will sponsor movies and a picnic in the park and is looking for local performers. The events may also include food and ice cream trucks.

n The town received preliminary approval for a Homeland Security grant for a portable generator in the amount of more than $55,000.

n In response to recent legislation regarding access to public records, the council appointed Deputy Clerk-Treasurer Nakisha Garner as official custodian for the maintenance, care, and keeping of the public records for the Town of Lingle.

n The council approved paying bills for May in the amount of $154,170.56.

n The next council meeting is Wednesday, June 19 at 7 p.m. at Lingle Town Hall.


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