Public Notice No. 8584


TOWN OF LINGLE         )
The Regular Meeting of the Lingle Town Council convened at 7:00 PM May 3, 2023 with Mayor Unverzagt leading the Pledge of Allegiance. Upon roll call, the following were present, constituting a quorum: Mayor: Al Unverzagt Council Members: A.J. Lambert Micah Foster Brandie Cook Kathy Wilhelm There was also present: Police Chief: Endra Andrews Town Attorney: Anna Barnes Clerk/Treasurer: Richard Reye A/Town Supervisor: Jeremy Ochsner Employee: Logan Dailey Absent: Fire Chief: Kasey Bangerter Mayor Unverzagt welcomed all to the meeting and thanked them for being present. Mayor Unverzagt called for approval of the agenda. CM Wilhelm moved to approve the agenda as presented. CM Cook voiced the second and the motion carried unanimously. Mayor Unverzagt called for approval of the minutes of the April 19, 2023 regular council meeting. CM Cook moved to approve the minutes as presented. CM Foster voiced the second and the motion carried unanimously. PUBLIC COMMENT: Jessica Pontarolo requested use of Whipple Park to raise funds to assist with the home-schooling education of her children. She and her family would setup a lemonade stand possibly three times throughout the summer. Following discussion and citing various stipulations the council agreed by consensus to allow the use. POLICE ITEMS: PC Andrews reported: A bid for security cameras for the Town of Lingle has been received in the amount of $40,345.08.  She and C/T Reyes are preparing an Infrastructure Fund Grant to present to Goshen Economic Development; She reported various types of questionable behavior taking place in the school; PC Andrews will concentrate her efforts on patrolling traffic on the side streets of Lingle. LEGAL ITEMS: TA Barnes reported: A sentencing hearing took place last month; Past due letters have been issued to delinquent accounts; following discussion of other delinquent accounts CM Wilhelm moved to approve the write off of three accounts in the amount of $769.29. CM Foster voiced the second and the motion carried unanimously.  
POOL ITEMS: Mayor Unverzagt reported that 10 employees have been hired to work at the pool and be lifeguards. The pool test will take place May 25th and 26th. LVFD: C/T Lambert reported: Nine ambulance calls and no fire calls; the replacement pump for Rural #1 in en route. ADMINISTRATIVE ITEMS: C/T Reyes reported: The annual EIA-861S Electric Industry Report has been submitted to the federal government; The final SLRF report for ARPA funds has been submitted to the U.S. Department of the Treasury; The annual report to the for the Lingle Community Center has been submitted to the Wyoming Business Council; C/T Reyes has not been able to contact Nailed It Construction concerning the Senior Center restroom remodel and nothing has been received from Clarke Plumbing Service. MAINTENANCE ITEMS: ATS Ochsner reported: The pool is ready for the summer season as are the bathrooms in the park; They are in the process of readying the cemetery for Memorial Day. UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Following discussion the Lingle Town Council voted by consensus to leave the Mobil Home ordinance as it is. CM Lambert moved to decline the services of Burbach Aquatics due to budget constraints. CM Wilhelm voiced the second and the motion passed unanimously. ORDINANCES: Following discussion the council agreed by consensus not to act on the Chicken Ordinance draft and instead opted for the Variance Procedure. RESOLUTIONS: A RESOLUTION APPOINTING A REPRESENTATIVE FOR THE TOWN OF LINGLE TO THE WYOMING MUNICIPAL POWER AGENCY (WMPA) BOARD OF DIRECTORS FOR 2023 THROUGH 2026, (3) THREE-YEAR TERM. CM Wilhelm moved to appoint Mayor Al Unverzagt as the Lingle representative on the WMPA Board of Directors. CM Cook voiced the second and the motions carried with four ayes and Mayor Unverzagt abstaining from the vote. NEW BUSINESS: CM Cook moved to approve the 24-HR Malt Beverage Permit submitted by WYULEC.  CM Wilhelm voiced the second and the motion carried unanimously. The Lingle Town Council agreed by consensus to accept the Consumer Confidence Water Report submitted to them. COUNCIL ITEMS:  Discussion took place concerning “stop” signs in the Town of Lingle. It was agreed that all the “stop” signs would be converted to the legal size 30”x30”.  Upon further discussion the status of “stop” signs was tabled until a traffic report prepared by ATS Dailey is submitted to the town.    
With no further business to conduct Mayor Unverzagt adjourned the meeting at 8:31 PM.

Clerk/Treasurer, Richard Reyes                
Mayor, Al Unverzagt

Public Notice No. 8584 published in the Lingle Guide on May 12, 2023.