Public Notice No. 8439


TOWN OF LINGLE         )
The Regular Meeting of the Lingle Town Council convened at 7:00 PM January 7, 2023 with Mayor Unverzagt leading the Pledge of Allegiance. Upon roll call, the following were present, constituting a quorum: Mayor: Al Unverzagt Council Members: A.J. Lambert Micah Foster Kathy Wilhelm Brandie Cook
There was also present: Police Chief: Endra Andrews Clerk/Treasurer: Richard Reyes Town Supervisor: Larry Haeffelin Fire Chief: Kasey Bangerter Absent: Town Attorney: Anna Barnes Mayor Unverzagt welcomed all to the meeting and thanked them for being present. Mayor Unverzagt called for an addition of an “Executive Session” to the agenda. CM Lambert moved to approve the agenda with the addition. CM Cook voiced the second and the motion carried unanimously. Mayor Unverzagt called for approval of the minutes of the December 7, 2022 regular council meeting. CM Wilhelm moved to approve the minutes as presented. CM Cook voiced the second and the motion carried unanimously. BILLS December 2022: After reviewing the bills CM Lambert noted a check made out to “Peak Wellness.” Since “Peak Wellness” no longer exists he asked council not to approve the check and council approved by consensus not to approve the check. CM Lambert moved to approve the bills in the amount of $102,233.46. CM Cook voiced the second and the motion carried unanimously. POLICE ITEMS: PC Andrews reported she has been involved in an alleged child abuse case for the last two weeks. LVFD: FC Bangerter reported: four ambulance calls and no fire calls for the month of December; He also discussed the purchase of new heaters for the fire hall and will contact Black Hills Energy for a bid on the installation of a gas line to the fire hall; LVFD S/T Lambert discussed the Giving Tree promotion and stated that approximately $5,500.00 was raised and eleven families and thirty-one children were assisted. ADMINISTRATIVE ITEMS: C/T Reyes reported:  The annual census zoning report has been submitted; An email conversation took place with Joni Kumor of Lenhart, Mason and Associates, LLC., following the holidays initiation of the agreed upon procedures by the CPA firm will commence. MAINTENANCE ITEMS: TS Haeffelin reported: Boring of the optic fiber went on with no issues on Main Street, the concrete work will be completed at a future date; TS Haeffelin mentioned that with his upcoming retirement, June 30, 2023, two employees licensed for water and waste water are required for municipalities and that the town should begin the process of searching for a new employee so that the new hire’s licensing is intact when TS Haeffelin retires. UNFINISHED BUSINESS:  Based on the votes cast by the Town Council the winners of the Community Christmas Lighting Contest were announced: George Siglin and Rick Combs tied for the most votes and Matt Berry received votes for third place. The Council agreed to combine the prize money for first and second place and split it evenly between Mr. Siglin and Mr. Combs and Mr. Berry would be awarded the third-place prize. RESOLUTIONS: Following discussion, CM Cook moved to approve ATS Jeremy Ochsner as the Town Representative on the Wyoming Municipal Power Agency Board of Directors for a three-year term. CM Wilhelm voiced the second and the motion carried unanimously. NEW BUSINESS: Following discussion, CM Foster moved to renew the Town’s Platinum Membership with Goshen Economic Development. CM Cook voiced the second and the motion carried unanimously. COUNCIL ITEMS: CM Lambert reminded the council that the Pool Manager position needs to be advertised in the newspaper. Mayor Unverzagt announced that the regular meeting was being recessed at 7:28 PM and going into Executive Session.
EXECUTIVE SESSION: Executive Session began at 7:47 PM and recessed at 8:38 PM. The regular meeting reconvened at 8:38 PM. By consensus the Council decided to move forward in the hiring of a Swimming Pool Manager, Town Supervisor and also begin the process to solicit bids for the remodel of the restroom in the Senior Center. With no further business to conduct Mayor Unverzagt adjourned the meeting at 8:39 PM. Signed by Mayor Al Unverzagt and attested by Clerk/Treasurer Richard Reyes

Public Notice No. 8439 published in the Lingle Guide on January 13, 2023.