Public Notice No. 3425



TOWN OF LINGLE             )
The Regular Meeting of the Lingle Town Council convened at 7:00 pm, August 21, 2019 with Mayor Siglin leading the Pledge of Allegiance. Upon roll call, the following were present, constituting a quorum: Mayor: George Siglin Council Member: Steve Edwardson Paula Newcomb Joe Welte Greg Asa There were also present: Clerk: Richard Reyes Police Chief: Endra Andrews Pool Manager Brandi Hill Town Supervisor Larry Haeffelin
Absent: Fire Chief Kasey Bangerter Mayor Siglin welcomed all to the meeting thanked them for being present.  Mayor Siglin called for additions to the agenda none were added. CM Newcomb moved to approve the agenda as presented. CM Edwardson voiced the second and the motion carried unanimously. Mayor Siglin called for approval of the minutes of the August 7, 2019 regular council meeting. CM Welte moved to approve the minutes as presented. CM Newcomb voiced the second and the motion carried unanimously. PUBLIC COMMENT: State Representative Shelly Duncan was present at the meeting and provided information on the Goshen Irrigation District tunnel collapse. LAW ENFORCEMENT: PC Andrews reported: With the startup of school she will be monitoring cross walks; she has been taking online classes; has had a court session. POOL: PM Hill reported:  The grade school children will be coming to the pool the week of 8/26/2019; Community Healthcare Foundation will provide a reimbursement when the new pool lift is purchased; the final movie in the park will take place 8/24/2019. ADMINISTRATION: C Reyes reported: The letter for Melette Maypark was mailed on 8/13/2019; liquor licenses have been distributed to local vendors; new ordinances have been submitted to Sterling Codifiers for update; nuisance letters were mailed out 8/16/2019; fiscal year data was submitted to Wyoming Municipal Power Agency 8/21/2019; draw down request #5 was submitted to the Wyoming Business Council for the Community Center; Council Members were reminded of the council meeting date changes of 9/11 and 9/25/2019; the fall newsletter was submitted to the Council for review and approved. MAINTENANCE: TS Haeffelin reported: The Community Center construction is on schedule; the MSI water test results have not been received; performing daily maintenance duties. APPOINTMENTS: CM Newcomb moved to appoint Anna Barnes as the Town Attorney. CM Edwards voiced the second and the motion passed unanimously. Mayor Siglin advised at 7:38 pm he was recessing the regular meeting so Council could go into Executive Session. Executive Session began at 7:42 pm and ended at 8:13 pm. Personnel issues were discussed. Regular Session reconvened at 8:14 pm.
With no further action to be taken Mayor Siglin adjourned the meeting at 8:15 pm.   

Signed by Mayor George Siglin Attested
by C Richard Reyes

Public Notice No. 3425 published in the Lingle Guide August 27, 2019.