Public Notice No. 3412



The Regular Meeting of the Lingle Town Council convened at 7:00 pm, April 17, 2019 with Mayor Siglin leading the Pledge of Allegiance. Upon roll call, the following were present, constituting a quorum: Mayor: George Siglin Council Member: Steve Edwardson Paula Newcomb Joe Welte Absent: Greg Asa, There were also present: Clerk/Treasurer Richard Reyes Town Supervisor: Larry Haeffelin Police Chief:     Endra Moen Town Attorney: Greg Knudsen Pool Manager: Brandi Hill, Mayor Siglin welcomed all to the meeting and thanked them for being present. Mayor Siglin asked for additions to the agenda and Decilla Watson requested to be added to Public Comment. CM Newcomb moved to approve the agenda with additions. CM Welte voiced a second and the motion carried. CM Welte moved to approve the minutes of the April 3, 2019 Regular Council Meeting with correction of CM Asa arriving at 7:50 pm. CM Newcomb input the second and the motion carried.
PUBLIC COMMENT: Decilla Watson informed the Council the Easter Egg Hunt will take place at Whipple Park Saturday April 20 at 10:30 am. She was thanked by the Council for her service. LAW ENFORCEMENT: PC Moen reported she will be attending a DFS meeting, and attending a crisis drill meeting and drill at the school. POOL:  PM Hill reported the pool will be ready May 15th for lifeguard training. No Recreation Board funds were awarded to the Town of Lingle pool, the school wants to use the pool May 29th  - council approved the use, she will be attending CPO training in Casper, pool opening day is set for Memorial Day weekend. TA Knudsen:  TA Knudsen reported that cases are proceeding through the court, he reviewed the TDS contract and has approved it. ADMINISTRATION: CT Reyes reported he and DCT Garner attended WAM Region 1 meeting with Mayor Siglin on April 8th, DCT Garner and PC Moen attended the GCEDC Generations in the Workplace Roundtable meeting, the LGLP reported has been submitted, a construction meeting with Norb Olind took place at Town Hall April 17th at 10 am., the next meeting with Norb Olind will take place May 8th at 10 am. at Town Hall. DCT Garner continues to work on the budget; the Expense Budget meeting will take place April 23rd at 4 pm. at Town Hall.     
MAINTENANCE: TS Haeffelin reported various maintenance items, the pool has been cleaned, and has been providing support as needed for the new construction. UNFINISHED BUSINESS: CM Edwardson presented amendments to the existing Bicycle Ordinance. After discussion the proposed amendments were tabled, CM Edwardson will redraft and present at a future Council meeting. COUNCIL ITEMS: CM Edwardson asked for clarification of the PAWS supplemental provided with the council packet. Mayor Siglin asked if the school has responded for Arbor Day project – no response has been received, he also asked local plant nursery’s for quotes on flower pots to be used on Main Street – no response has been received. Mayor Siglin advised at 7:48 pm he was recessing the regular meeting so Council could go into executive session.  Executive session began at 7:51 pm and ended at 8:41 pm.  Personnel issues were discussed.  Regular session reconvened at 8:42 pm.   
With no further action to be taken Mayor Siglin adjourned the regular meeting at 8:43 pm.

Signed by Mayor George Siglin and attested by CT Richard Reyes

Public Notice No. 3412 published in the Lingle Guide April 23, 2019.