Public Notice No. 3404



The Regular Meeting of the Lingle Town Council convened at 7:00 pm, February 6, 2019 with Mayor Siglin leading the pledge of allegiance. Upon roll call, the following were present, constituting a quorum: Mayor: George Siglin,    Council Member: Steve Edwardson, Paula Newcomb, Greg Asa, Joe Welte. There were also present: Deputy Clerk/Treasurer: Nakisha Garner, Town Supervisor: Larry Haeffelin, Police Chief: Endra Moen, LVFD Fire Chief: Kasey Bangerter. Mayor Siglin welcomed all to the meeting and thanked them for being present. CM Newcomb moved to approve the agenda as presented. CM Asa voiced a second and the motion carried without dissent. CM Welte moved to approve the minutes of the January 23, 2019 regular Council with the correction that Ordinance #339 passed the first reading with a 4:0 vote with CM Asa abstaining. CM Newcomb offered a second and the measure passed unanimously. CM Edwardson moved to pay January 2019 bills in the amount of $138,617.37. CM Edwardson led discussion about residents’ concerns regarding utility rates, assuring them the rates did not go up. CM Welte voiced a second and the motion carried. LAW ENFORCEMENT: PC Moen reported 27 incidents. She also reported she had attended suicide training. She further reported she will be attending training in April and May. LVFD ITEMS: FC Bangerter reported four (4) ambulance calls and two (2) fires. He also reported the LVFD will have their firemen’s ball March 16. He further reported on February 2, between the fire in Torrington and the hay fire in Lingle, they had 108 man hours. ADMINISTRATION: All items reported on Department Reports. DCT Garner informed council the USDA grant for the new PD vehicle in the amount of $33,000 was received and deposited into the Wyoming Government Investment Fund, Vehicle Reserve Account, as discussed. MAINTENANCE: All items reported on Department Reports. TA Haeffelin further reported that he is working on a pole agreement for Visionary. He also reported the Department Report stated 5,700 gallons of water was sold it was actually 51,700 gallons. UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Mayor Siglin led a discussion regarding financing of the Lingle Community Center. After some discussion, CM Edwardson made a motion to use in house money from Lingle’s Reserve Funds to finance the Lingle Community Center. CM Welte offered the second. The motion passed with a 3:2 vote. Mayor Siglin, CM Edwardson and CM Welte voted in favor of the motion; CM Newcomb and CM Asa voted against the motion. Mayor Siglin informed council February 20, 2019 would be DCT Garner’s first day back giving her no time to prepare and he would be attending a WAM conference beginning February 20. After short discussion council agreed to cancel the February 20 regular council meeting with the option to schedule a special meeting if needed. Mayor Siglin informed council that while DCT Garner is on vacation, February 14-19, he will open up Town Hall for four (4) hours from 9 a.m.–1 p.m. February 14, 15 and 19, Town Hall closed for Presidents day on February 18. ORDINANCES: Mayor Siglin informed council that TA Knudsen has made the necessary changes. CM Edwardson moved to approve Ordinance #339 AN ORDINANCE OF THE TOWN OF LINGLE ADOPTING A NEW CHAPTER ENTITLED “WIRELESS COMMUNICATION FACILITIES REGULATIONS” AND PROVIDING FOR AN EFFECTIVE DATE, on the second reading.  CM Welte voiced a second and it passed the second reading with a 5:0 vote. Mayor Siglin advised at 7:59 pm he was recessing the regular meeting so Council could go into an executive session. Mayor Siglin reconvened the regular meeting at 8:30 pm. Personnel issues were discussed, no action taken. Mayor Siglin adjourned the regular meeting at 8:31 pm.

Signed by Mayor George Siglin and attested by DCT Nakisha Garner

Public Notice No. 3404 published in the Lingle Guide February 12, 2019.