Public Notice No. 3399



The Regular Meeting of the Lingle Town Council convened at 7:00 pm, January 9, 2019 with Mayor Siglin leading the pledge of allegiance. Upon roll call, the following were present, constituting a quorum: Mayor: George Siglin, Council Member: Steve Edwardson, Paula Newcomb, Greg Asa, Joe Welte. There were also present: Clerk/Treasurer: Michele Sussex, Town Supervisor: Larry Haeffelin,     Police Chief: Endra Moen, Town Attorney: Greg Knudsen. Absent: LVFD Fire Chief: Kasey Bangerter. Mayor Siglin welcomed all to the meeting and thanked them for being present. CM Welte moved to approve the agenda as presented. CM Newcomb voiced a second and the motion carried without dissent. CM Edwardson moved to approve the minutes of the December 5, 2018 regular Council meeting with the correction that CM Edwardson did not agree to put an information kiosk in the park; and to approve the minutes of the December 19, 2018 minutes as presented. CM Asa offered a second and the measure passed unanimously. CM Edwardson moved to approve the bills in the amount of $108,917.13 for the month of December 2018. CM Asa voiced the second and the motion carried. LAW ENFORCEMENT: PC Moen reported multiple calls. She has attended training on child abuse and will be attending training on homicide investigation and WASCOP in the near future. She is teaching 5th and 7th grade DARE this month. The new law enforcement vehicle will be ready for delivery January 14th. LEGAL ITEMS: TA Knudsen reviewed the contract for demolition of the Legion/Community Center; he contacted Benchmark with changes that needed to be made. He also reviewed the proposed draft of a Wireless Communication Facilities Regulations ordinance; verifying that the Town should have this ordinance in place, however he will make the necessary changes for Lingle. TA Knudsen also reported him and PC Moen drove around town to ensure properties were in compliance with the nuisance ordinance and commented that there has been considerable progress from many properties, however some properties have not been compliant, therefore some citations will be forthcoming. ADMINISTRATION: All items reported on Department Reports; no further action items. MAINTENANCE: All items reported on Department Reports. TA Haeffelin further reported there are five (5) street lights in the town and they are currently working on some controllers to fix them and get them up and running again; no further action items. UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Mayor Siglin led a discussion regarding the loan from Points West Community Bank for the Lingle Community Center. After talking with the bank, Lingle will have a couple of options to consider, more information should be available at the next Council meeting this month. ORDINANCES: The Ordinance for Wireless Communication Facilities Regulations will be ready for the 1st reading at the January 23rd Council meeting. TA Knudsen urged Council members to have this ordinance in place as soon as possible; he will make the necessary changes on the final copy. NEW BUSINESS: Mayor Siglin urged Council to consider reviewing the water and sewer rates for the Town, as they have not been reviewed or raised for 9 ½ years.  Further consideration will be given to this matter at a later date. Mayor Siglin then asked if Council would be interested in having a celebration this coming summer that was similar to the 100th Anniversary celebration, but on a much smaller scale and calling it Lingle Days. Many people in the community expressed a desire to have a celebration every year; Mayor Siglin will talk to the volunteers from last summer and see if they are interested in doing this. PUBLIC COMMENT: Mrs. Decilla Watson asked if there were any items left in the Legion Hall that could be salvaged and sold and the funds donated to the Easter Egg Hunt. She commented the event can be costly and any donations would be greatly appreciated. COUNCIL ITEMS: None at this time. Mayor Siglin advised at 7:52 pm he was recessing the regular meeting so Council could go into an executive session. Mayor Siglin reconvened the regular meeting at 8:18 pm. Personnel issues were discussed, no action taken. Mayor Siglin adjourned the regular meeting at 8:24 pm.

Signed by Mayor George Siglin and attested by C/T Michele Sussex

Public Notice No. 3399 published in the Lingle Guide January 15, 2019.