Pipeline project on track

Goshen County Commissioners

TORRINGTON – A project to build a second pipeline through Goshen County and the rest of eastern Wyoming is moving forward, according to a report to county commissioners Tuesday by a company representative.

Danetta Welsh, government relations manager for pipeline company ONEOK headquartered in Tulsa, Okla., told Goshen County Commissioners about progress on the Elk Creek Pipeline project. The pipeline, when constructed, will parallel portions of the company’s current Bakken Pipeline which transports a product known as natural gas liquids to processing facilities near Hutchison, Kans.

“We’re still in the early stages, really, of planning,” Welsh said. “Right now, we’re beginning survey work for the route itself. We’re going out and looking at the ground, the geology, making sure the ground is okay to put it next to the Bakken Pipeline.”

The company is also in contact with local landowners to secure easements for the project, she said. Part of that step of the process will include cultural and environmental surveys, to ensure the pipeline doesn’t damage or otherwise cause any negative impacts to historic relics or the flora and fauna of
the region.

“There were some areas, avoidance areas, identified on the original (Bakken) line,” Welsh said. “We’ll go back through and redo the cul

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