Lions Club to hold July ‘Community in the Park’

Logan Dailey/Lingle Guide Lions Club member Bill Carr proposes a “Community in the Park” event at the June 9 meeting of the Lingle Town Council. The event is set to take place Tuesday, Aug. 10, beginning at 6 p.m. in Whipple Park

Storywalk project moving ahead

LINGLE – The Lingle Town Council convened on Wednesday afternoon, June 9, for the first regular meeting of June for the council. Councilmembers A.J. Lambert and Brandie Cook, Police Chief Endra Andrews and Fire Chief Kasey Bangerter were absent from the meeting.

Bill Carr, a representative from the Lingle-Fort Laramie Lions Club, addressed the council about a proposed event to be held in Lingle’s Whipple Park. Carr told the council “Community in the Park” has been an annual event for the past six to seven years.

“We are trying to get things back to normal after COVID,” Carr said. “We would like to reserve the park for Aug. 10, it’s a Tuesday, for ‘Community in the Park.’ We would like to have permission to use the park for that.”

Carr said the event is still in the works as they are trying to find performers for the event. He also asked the council to have the swimming pool open, as they have in the past, and furnish lifeguards.

He said he had also asked the fire department about having their annual hamburger fry during that time but had not yet heard whether the fire department would agree to the tentative plan. Carr said the fire department have used the event as a fundraiser in the past to help support their operations.

“There’ll be a couple, two or three, bands,” he said. “Hopefully, the fire department will be there, and the Lions Club will also be dishing out ice cream cones for a small fee, as a small fundraiser.”

“It’s never been a problem in the past, and shouldn’t be a problem this time,” Mayor George Siglin said.

Councilman Joe Welte echoed Siglin’s approval of the matter.

The event is set to take place Tuesday, Aug. 10, beginning at 6 p.m.

Carr said the community band would not be involved this year as they had not been practicing, but he plans to have other bands to fill in for the event, from 6-8 p.m. The pool will be open to the public, free of charge, during the event.

Guests at the event are asked to bring canned goods and non-perishable food donations to donate to the Lions Club, who will then donate the items collected to the local food banks.

Councilmember Steve Edwardson presented the bills for the month of May to the council. The revenue for May amounted to $81,828.01 with expenses of $82,973.33. This brought May’s margin to a deficit of $1,145.32. This brings the 20-21 fiscal year margin to $121,605.38.

Town Attorney Anna Barnes told the council she had submitted a proposed ordinance, Ordinance No. 355, to provide a penalty for those who fail to appear in municipal court. Barnes said the municipal judge, witnesses and she were present for a trial, but the defendant failed to appear. Currently, Lingle has no legal ramifications for failing to appear for a municipal court hearing.
Barnes told the council the trial had been continued and would take place after the third reading of the proposed ordinance to ensure compliance of the accused.

Town Clerk Ritch Reyes said he had renewed town employee’s insurance and was beginning the process of reviewing the current vehicle and building insurance policies for the town.

Town Supervisor Larry Haeffelin reported the pool heater had gone out, but they now have the pool heater in operation after the town spent approximately $12,000 to replace the water heater.

He also noted the Storywalk pieces had arrived and were in the shop. He said he intends to speak with Siglin and finalize plans for the installation of the Storywalk project. The council also agreed to have Siglin sign an agreement for project with the Goshen County Library.

The council approved the second reading of Ordinance No. 352 for the town’s budget for the next fiscal year. Currently, the budget stands at $2,026,900, which is approximately $64,000 over the previous year’s budget figures.

The council approved the first reading of Ordinance No. 353, relating to recreational vehicle parking. Under the new ordinance, recreational vehicles, boats, trailers, etc. would be permitted to be parked on the streets between May 1 and Oct. 31.

The council approved the first reading of Ordinance No. 354. This ordinance would shorten the publication time requirements for those who wished to obtain a variance to a building code. Siglin said the fee for a building permit and variance would remain the same, but the time frame to get the variance approved would be shortened.

The council then approved the first reading of Ordinance No. 355, establishing legal ramifications for failing to appear in court for arraignments and trials.

The council approved a building permit for Bruce and Cindy Louth to put a carport on their driveway. They also approved two 24-hour malt beverage permits, one for a Wyrulec picnic in the park and the other for the Bridget Spencer family for a gathering at the community center. The council renewed the liquor licenses for the Corner Bar, Lira’s and Ty’s Pit Stop.

Edwardson expressed his gratification for the way the Corner Bar’s business was being handled, citing no issues with the business. He also pointed out Lira’s and Ty’s Pit Stop were also doing well, and he is pleased with the fact there have been no issues with any of the liquor establishments in the town of Linge. 

The council approved the signing of an application to the American Rescue Plan Act to obtain federal funds to be used by the town. Siglin said the town could expect an estimated $70,000 for the year from the act.

The council also approved a Senior Center support letter and certificate to match funds with the Senior Center.

The next meeting of the Lingle Town Council will be Wednesday, June 23, at 5 p.m. in the Lingle Community Center.


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