Lingle town council holds bimonthly meeting

Holly Dorman/Lingle Guide A.J. Lambert, left, Joe Welte and Mayor George Siglin at the Lingle town council meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 22.

LINGLE – The Lingle town council held its bimonthly meeting Tuesday, Sept. 22 at the Lingle Community Center.

The meeting started with Lingle town Clerk Rich Reyes’s recount of several trainings he attended about social media ethics, accurate keeping of minutes from meetings and other relevant topics. Reyes also noted Police Chief Endra Andrews’ absence from the meeting.

Mayor George Siglin introduced the Council’s plan to seek a grant to purchase a new cot to go with the town’s new ambulance. As the new ambulance is slightly higher than the old one, Siglin worries that EMTs will have a more difficult time getting the cot into the back of the ambulance.

“If it’s only the two EMT ladies and one of them busts their back, we don’t have any EMTs,” Siglin said during the meeting.

Council members also discussed plans to update the town pool by purchasing a new water heater, new beach umbrellas and other new poolside gear. Mayor Siglin said he has heard no news on the sixth-penny tax.

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