Lingle Town Council hears reports, grants permit

Holly Dorman/LINGLE GUIDE Fire Chief Kasey Bangerter, Town Clerk Rich Reyes and Council Members A.J. Lambert and Joe Welte listen on as Mayor George Siglin leads the meeting.

LINGLE – The Lingle Town Council held its first bimonthly meeting for the month of October in which it discussed upcoming events and changed office hours for Columbus Day.

The meeting started with Lingle Mayor George Siglin welcoming all council members, department heads and citizens. The Council approved the payment of several town bills for the month of September and moved on to reports from department heads.

Police Chief Endra Andrews notified the council of two upcoming trials and a firearms training for police. She also noted the upcoming bonfire and homecoming at the school.

Fire Chief Kasey Bangerter noted that his department has been “significantly slower” than it has been. He will be leading fire safety training at local schools and announced that they have currently planned to auction off the town’s old ambulance on Oct. 27, assuming all goes to plan. Siglin also noted that the grants for the new ambulance have been submitted.

Town Attorney Anna Barnes started her report with a special thanks to the Council for the September 11 tribute it set up. Barnes has been absent from the meetings since the tribute and only just had the opportunity to thank and congratulate the Council on a job well done. Barnes also noted a number of nuisance suits, one of which reached a plea agreement and another which she believes will seek a second continuance.

“I think that’s a peaceable way to approach it,” she said.

Oct. 27 will see the town’s Halloween party and Oct. 28 will host the Goshen County Economic Development annual meeting. The Council approved a catering permit for the Oct. 28 meeting.

Office hours for next week will be 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and will close Monday in observance of Columbus Day.

After the announcement of office hours, Siglin turned time over to Larry Haeffelin, Town Supervisor. Haeffelin announced that public bathrooms and other amenities will be closing in preparation for the coming winter months.

In conclusion of the meeting, Siglin left the Council and the town with a reminder to take the necessary precautions against COVID-19.

“Covid is running rampant,” he said. “So be careful. I recommend vaccines, but that’s a personal choice.”

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