L-FL students honor local veterans

Logan Dailey/Lingle Guide National Honor Society members Hunter Hattan (pictured above), Katie Napier, Callie Fritzler and Kaylie Rafferty placed American flags on Lingle Cemetery graves for members of the United States military on Veterans Day.

LINGLE – Despite the complications created by COVID-19, Lingle-Fort Laramie (L-FL) students are standing up to honor local veterans.

L-FL Kindergarten Teacher Kayla Floerchinger created a display at the elementary school secretary’s window that reflects the appreciation of local veterans from some of the area’s youngest citizens. Students in her class colored patriotic hearts and paper soldiers to display in the window.

L-FL Elementary Librarian Denise Jackson told The Guide in an email, “hopefully, this small show of support can send an important message; our freedom is truly appreciated by all!”

According L-FL Counselor Shannon Fleming and Jackson, the school normally has an annual assembly to honor local veterans and teaches students to understand the importance of Veterans Day. The assembly was presented by the members of the L-FL National Honor Society in the past, but this year, the assembly won’t be happening due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Despite the setback, members of the L-FL NHS still wanted to show support for this nation’s veterans and recognize their service.

NHS member Hunter Hattan decided to show his support by placing flags on the graves of veterans at the Lingle Cemetery. He told The Guide, “We know it’s for the living, but it should also be for the ones that aren’t here with us anymore. These people are the reason we can stand here and do this.”

Hattan, along with fellow NHS members Katie Napier, Callie Fritzler, Kaylie Rafferty and Fleming placed American flags on Lingle cemetery graves of those who served in the United State military.

Hatten, Napier, Fritzler and Rafferty said they all had family who had served or were presently serving in the military. Rafferty told The Guide, “something special should be done for them, and we appreciate what these loved ones have done.”


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