L-FL grad new social media sensation

LINGLE – A Lingle-Fort Laramie High School grad has become a social media sensation for her actions last month.
According to a story posted on the Conservative media website www.theblaze.com, Makenna Greenwald was on a trip to Hollywood in late June, when she came upon a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which was awarded to now President Donald Trump in 2007 at the height of popularity of his television show, “The Apprentice.” The star has been, and continues to be, the target of vandals who routinely deface the edifice in protest over Trump’s actions since taking office in January.
Instead of viewing the vandalism and walking on, Greenwald, the 2017 Valedictorian at L-FL High School, decided to do something.
And she Tweeted about it.
“We were walking on the Walk of Fame, with a couple of friends,” Greenwald said in a Monday telephone interview from California, where she’s been attending the national Future Business Leaders of American conference.
“We thought it was really – there were no other stars with any marks or graffiti on them,” she said. “We walked up and were surprised nobody had washed it off.”
In that group were a number of tourists from outside the country, she said. Greenwald noted she felt a level of embarrassment over the image the defacement of the star portrayed.
“I thought, ‘This is a shame,’” she said. “This is what they thought we thought about our president.”
Greenwald said she had a prepared wipe for removing makeup in her purse. She decided to try to clean the star. She soon received assistance from one of the bystanders.
“This guy, in one of the pictures I posted, he didn’t speak English,” Greenwald said. “He came up and helped. He had a water bottle and he poured water on (the star), then watched while I finished cleaning it off.”
On her Twitter feed for June 28, Greenwald posted photographs of herself as she cleaned a variety of graffiti off the star, with the message: “Stopped to clean @realDonaldTrump Hollywood Star. Nothing but respect for MY President.
Her actions immediately garnered responses from across the country ranging from supportive to vitriolic. Some praised her for her actions, including Fox News host Sean Hannity, who called Greenwald a “Great American,” and Pres. Trump’s son, Eric, who Tweeted, “Thank You Makenna” with the hashtag MakeAmericaGreatAgain.
“That was so crazy,” Greenwald said. “I was so honored to get those messages, especially from a member of the First Family.
“And I’ve always loved Sean Hannity’s show,” she said. “For a great patriot like that to call me a true American, I was just
blown away.”
Her detractors countered, asking why she had been photographed cleaning the star, questioning her personal faith and asking why she’s supporting Trump after he’s been accused of sexually
harassing women.
“I just want to let you know that YOUR president also instituted a ban that separates families away from each other,” one Twitter opponent identified only as Julie wrote.
“It’s almost disgusting, how people can say things like that about somebody they don’t even know,” Greenwald said Monday. “I don’t want to make this political, but people are preaching they have love, but they completely try to destroy everything I stand for, just because they don’t like President Trump.”
As of Monday morning, Greenwald’s post has garnered more than 8,200 comments, been retweeted more than 51,000 times and received more than 208,000 “likes.” And those are the thoughts Greenwald’s hanging on to in the wake of the incident.
“If I had one thing to say – and I’ve had a lot of time to think about this – there were so many messages of support,” she said. “For all those people who’ve said horrible things – I have to say Christianity is about forgiveness, being able to let those things go.
“There’s no point trying to argue back, they’re determined to misunderstand everything about me,” Greenwald said. “In the grand scheme of things, their opinion doesn’t have that much of an affect on me.”


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