Jail accommodations, budget amendments fill Commission agenda

Goshen County Commission

TORRINGTON – As they near the final phases of solidifying a Fiscal Year 2017-18 budget, the Goshen County Commissioners continue to fine tune items from various departments.
During their Tuesday, June 20, meeting, they met with Goshen County Sheriff Don Murphy and Fair Manager Stephanie Lofink concerning 2017-2018 budget
Murphy confirmed his budget item that calls for revenue of $500,000 from Scotts Bluff County for housing inmates.
Commission Chairman Carl Rupp cautioned they would rather use a lower estimate in the budget rather than have to make up the difference later.
Commissioner Wally Wolski noted that, because the budget is on the conservative edge, “We’ve got to be comfortable in our assumptions.”
Murphy explained his figures by noting that with 20 inmates a day, at $47 each, the revenue would be $343,000. Considering that as a low figure, Murphy said he is comfortable using $500,000 as revenue in
the budget.
The commissioners and Murphy also discussed the potential for housing inmates from other counties in western Nebraska.
Lofink clarified her budget figures, with the assistance of accounting consultant Ron Russell.
By increasing the fair’s budget by $100,000 to $593,500, and using the department’s own internal resources, in addition to a $50,000 line of credit at the bank, the Goshen County Fair budget was balanced and submitted.
The proposed FY 2017-18 Goshen County budget, including the fair, library and Goshen Care Center/Alzheimers unit, is $13,329,594, as compared to the previous budget of $13,186,469.
The county budget will be finalized in July.
Regarding legislation passed by the 2017 Wyoming legislature pertaining to alcoholic beverage sales, the commissioners are sending letters to affected businesses, clarifying the county’s position at this time.
The commission wants to inform these establishments that effective June 20, all alcohol sales, hours of operation/sales, issuance of permits for malt beverages, dispensing rooms and operations of alcohol sales, shall continue as applied as effective on June 30, 2017, with exceptions to be specifically enumerated, if needed.
The Goshen County Sheriff’s Office will enforce the regulations.

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