Improvements ensure pool accessibility

Crystal R. Albers/Lingle Guide File Residents enjoy the municipal swimming pool at Whipple Park in Lingle during the pools anniversary celebration in this July 2018 file photo. The Lingle City Council approved a request for a chair lift to assist people with mobility problems to use the pool.

LINGLE – This summer, improvements at the Lingle Pool will include a manual, hydraulic lift, as well as a double handrail on the stairs to increase user-friendliness for all patrons.

Kate Farmer, clerk-treasurer for the Town of Guernsey, spoke at the Lingle Town Council meeting Wednesday evening and requested the council allot funds for a swing chair lift. She explained her mother frequents the pool and has muscular dystrophy, which makes it difficult to get in and out of the water.

Farmer recommended a portable lift for approximately $6,000 and said she would raise all of the funds for the equipment, either through grants or private donations, “I need a fiscal agent to run the grants through,” she added.

“To keep my mother active, this is a very huge part of her life. I think it would benefit more than just my mother, as well … I think it would be a huge benefit to Lingle, to the pool, at very little cost to you guys, I think it would be a great asset.”

Pool Manager Brandi Hill agreed the lift would be a significant benefit to the facility and said she is currently looking into other grants to pay for the equipment.

Maintenance Supervisor Larry Haeffelin and Mayor George Siglin informed Farmer, and all those in attendance, the maintenance department had installed and tested a manual, hydraulic lift at the pool earlier that day.

“I think this is a huge step with the manual one,” Farmer said. “I would like to see us use that, see how it goes – if that doesn’t work, I’m willing to go after any grants.

“I know (the pool is) not a big moneymaker, but it is a huge asset, and it keeps people in your community.”

Farmer’s mother was also in attendance and complimented the town on its pool and local youth.

In other news:

n The council approved Lindy Ellis’ grandchildren’s request to build a Little Free Library and place it near the pool this summer.

Council members commended the children on “a great idea,” and suggested attaching the Little Free Library to the pool house on the north side.

n Police Chief Endra Moen reported 33 incidents, including 13 community contacts, nine traffic stops, and one burglary.

n Lingle Volunteer Fire Department Chief Kasey Bangerter introduced Tabitha Lambert as the new LVFD secretary/treasurer. The department responded to four ambulance calls and two fires in April, and will host fire truck rides to school on May 20 for those who reached their reading goals this year.

He also stated March 2020 marks the 100-year anniversary of the fire department, and the organization plans to host a barbecue and/or a gun raffle for the event.

n Hill said she has hired all lifeguards, most of whom are returning employees. The elementary school will participate in a swim day on May 29 for the last day of school.

n Haeffelin stated, because the budget allots for $1,100 monthly for maintenance equipment, his department requests to purchase a new mowing tractor from Brown Company in Torrington to replace its 1960’s model. The new tractor will include a grapple fork and post-hole digger, and should be paid off in three years. The council approved the purchase.

n Council members agreed to award a bid for town flowerpots to Jeff Jones at Great Gardens.

n Due to a rate increase from TDS Trash Services, council members agreed to read the first draft of an ordinance at the next regular meeting to raise rates for residents – a pass-through increase, at approximately $2 per resident. Should the ordinance pass all three readings, the rate increase is expected to take effect at the beginning of the fiscal year, on July 1.

n After some discussion, the council approved adding a personal day to employee vacation time, 3-to-2.

n The next council meeting is Wednesday, May 22 at 7 p.m. at Lingle Town Hall.


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