Houk, Bremer named Doggers of the Quarter

LINGLE – Junior Josie Houk and sophomore Louden Bremer were selected as Doggers of the Quarter for the Lingle-Ft Laramie High School (LFL) for the second quarter of the 2022-23 school year. Both of these students were chosen because they represent the LFL school very well. This year they have demonstrated outstanding citizenship, work ethic, character and academic performance. 

“Those two are great human beings; really awesome people,” Athletic Director and Dean of Students Mike Lashley said when describing Josie and Louden.

Lashley explained Doggers of the Quarter are selected by the staff throughout the year. The staff nominates their choice of students and then casts votes on the final selection. After counting the votes, they announce the students who were chosen to be honored.

“I send a letter home to their parents, and let their parents know they were selected and it’s a good accomplishment,” Lashley explained. “Then they also get a Doggers of the Quarter hoddie. We have a special hoodie that Heartland makes for us that we only order for the students that get Dogger of the Quarter.”

This special-order hoodie has Doggers on it, says ‘brand of excellence’ on the sleeve and is only used to honor the students chosen for this award. 

“They’re both great wrestlers,” Lashley exclaimed. “You know, Josie is a very good wrestler. We just started girls wrestling in Wyoming, it was just sanctioned. This is the first season. Josie has been wrestling on our guy’s team.”

“They’re just great kids,” Lashley added. “One of the things Louden does every day is he does our school announcements over the loudspeaker every morning, it’s just something he started a year ago or whatever and just he just kind of does it. He does a really good job.”

It is with this reward, LFL honors their students’ hard work, integrity and academic performance.

Josie has lived in Lingle all of her life and is the daughter of Eric Houk and the late Stacey Houk. Her family is local to the area and her maternal grandparents own Anderson Carpet. Josie is on the wrestling team and has been wrestling since she was eight years old.

“I like to wrestle. It’s like my life,” Josie said. “I like to do anything active, hunting, wrestling, working out. I don’t know anything that I really don’t like.”

Josie explained she likes school and her classes, all except math which she is not a fan of. She also commented saying she would not want to be in a larger school like Torrington. Her favorite things about school are weights class and being with people. 

When asked, “Why she enjoys weights?” She said, “I just get to do my own thing. We jam to music and it’s fun. And there’s a bunch of freshmen in there; they’re funny.” Also, as a wrestler, weights are an important part of conditioning for matches.

In the future, Josie is hoping to go to college in Chadron and be on their wrestling team. While her main focus is being able to do something hands-on, she is considering becoming a physical therapist or a wrestling coach. 

During an interview, Josie was asked “What is a Dogger of the Quarter?” She responded, “Someone who just does what they’re expected to and shows how you’re supposed to act in school.”

“The school selects a guy and a girl every quarter,” Josie explained. “I’m pretty sure one of the reasons I was selected was because I was going in and helping the middle schoolers with wrestling practice. I feel like this kind of goes along with that.” 

Louden has been in Lingle since he was a fourth grader and is the son of Doug and Abby Bremer. Before coming to Lingle, his family lived in Wheatland, Dubois and Oregon. His father’s family is local to the area, and his mother’s family is from Dubois. Louden is on the wrestling, football and track teams.

“I like to hang out with friends in my free time,” Louden said. “I like summertime a lot more than wintertime. I like traveling and seeing new places, except I don’t like riding in a car. I like fishing a lot. My brother and I go every time we have some spare time.”

Louden explained one of his favorite things about school is the good culture they have been developing. The student council, which he is a member of, has been working on encouraging students to not settle on mediocracy. He also enjoys LFL’s welcoming atmosphere and the mutual respect students have for one another. Louden’s favorite subject in school is his anatomy and physiology class (A&P).

“It’s a super enjoyable class,” Louden explained. “I think when you’re interested in it, it’s a lot more enjoyable. Since it might be applicable to what I want to do down the road, then it’s more enjoyable to me.”

Though Louden’s future plans are undetermined, he is considering going into the medical field. However, his main focus right now is creating opportunities for himself and keeping doors open. 

During an interview, Louden was asked, “What is a Dogger of the Quarter?” He responded, “Somebody that not only excels academically but also is going to help other kids to excel and be the best people they can be. Doggers of the Quarter are the kids who are going to help make other kids feel like they’re seen, and they belong. Also, they participate and are encouraging to others.”

“I think (I was selected because) of the work ethic I’ve kind of instilled in myself,” Louden explained. “I think I’ve gotten that work ethic from my family always pushing me to be better and to keep looking for the next best thing. I’m pretty competitive. I carry that not only in sports but also in the classroom. It’s a pretty cool opportunity. I’m pretty excited I was selected.

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