Goshen County Commission round-up: July 2, 2019

The Goshen County Board of Commissioners accepted reports from five department head during its regularly scheduled meeting on July 2. Compared to recent meetings that featured in-depth discussions over the state of our county roads, it was a fairly quiet day at in the commission chambers. 

The meeting opened with the Goshen County Road and Bridge Department. Interim superintendent Val Hankins told the commission the department has been busy chasing washouts on gravel and dirt roads thanks to several storms that have impacted the area in recent weeks. 

“We’re really concentrating on maintaining and mowing as weather allows,” Hankins said. “We’ve been chasing washouts throughout the county. We’re checking those and doing what we can with those.”

The GCC accepted Hankins report unanimously. 

Clerk of District Court Brandi Correa told the commission that her office brought in $3,112 in fees last month. She further reported that she had attended a training seminar for a program called Agile Juror, which courts have implemented statewide to track jurors and issue checks. 

“This new program is going to require me to open a seperate checking account,” Correa said.

“This system automatically cuts checks to jurors. This is the new one that we have to change over to.”

Correa reported the she had a new employee start in her office on June 10. The commission accepted her report unanimously. 

Goshen County Attorney Eric Boyer reported that he had been working with other rural counties to form a broadband joint powers board. 

“I’m personally excited about it,” Boyer said. “The state agrees with us. Forming a joint powers board like that, we have the clout to get big providers interested in joining us and providing service to this part of the world which historically, due to federal government regulations, hasn’t been served.”

The commission accepted Boyer’s report unanimously. 

Goshen County Clerk Cindy Kenyon presented the warrant report and the county’s payroll. Her report was accepted unanimously. 

The commission also interviewed a pair of candidates interested in joining the Goshen County Library Board. Becky Lorenz edged out Taren Hendricks for the position. Lorenz, who retired as the co-director of the library at Eastern Wyoming College, said she has a lifelong love of libraries that will aid her in the position. 

“The library board should provide direction and provide support to the librarians and the library,” she said. “You should do your best to generate interest in the library.”

The commission’s next meeting will be July 16 at 10 a.m. in the commission’s chambers.


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