Goshen 4-H represents at Showcase Showdown

LARAMIE – Goshen County 4-H, represented by 43 members, had a successful showing at the 2017 Showcase Showdown June 20-22. Showcase Showdown is an opportunity for 4-H members across Wyoming to display their talents in eleven different state competitions ranging from Horse Judging to Robotics. Members compete in as many events as they choose, both individually and in teams over the span of three days. The competitions were held on the University of Wyoming campus in Laramie.  
With their 1st place finish at Showcase Showdown, the Goshen County Senior Horse Judging Team will have the opportunity to represent Wyoming at a national contest this fall. On contest day, members judged six classes (four performance classes and two halter classes) and defended their placings with three sets of oral reasons. Team members Kendall Haas, Cora Frederick, Callie Klein, and Kash Isbell clenched the High Senior Team Overall title by nine points with the help of several stellar individual performances. Klein led the team with a consistent performance, placing 4th in Reasons and 5th in Placings, to claim her spot as the 5th High Individual Overall. Not far behind was Haas, filling the 3rd Overall spot for placings, and 6th High Individual Overall.
Goshen County’s Junior Horse Judging Team had every right to celebrate as well. Team members Rori Masterson, Kaenee Isbell, Dally Wilkins, and Jordan Stoddard finished as the 2nd  High Junior Team Overall at the contest on Wednesday. Rori Masterson and Dally Wilkins finished as the 5th and 6th High Individuals Overall, respectfully. Stoddard and Isbell contributed with their 5th and 6th place finishes
in Placings.
Jesse Lynn Garson, Jami Garson, Kalelyn Isbell and Kailey Porter earned 4th Place Junior Horse Judging Team. JW Klein, Tylar Stoddard, Kenzie Wilkins and Addisyn Wilkins earned 7th Place Junior Team and Kylie Carson, competing as a Senior Individual, ranked 14th Overall Senior Individual Horse Judger.  Horse Judging is coached by 4-H Volunteer, Mercedes Powers.
But, Horse Judging isn’t all Goshen County had to offer during the 2017 Showcase Showdown. With their spot-on evaluation of eight classes and questions pertaining to them, the Junior Produce Judging Team took a commanding hold of their spot as the 2nd High Team Overall out of 15 teams. Madilyn Hale, Lucas Gara, Dally Wilkins, and Kenzie Wilkins put together a complete performance to elevate them to their standing. D. Wilkins and K. Wilkins finished as the 2nd High Intermediate and Junior Individuals Overall, respectfully. Additionally, K. Wilkins was the High Junior Overall in placings and 3rd High Junior ID Line. Teammate Lucas Gara was the 2nd High Intermediate in Reasons/Questions.
Goshen County sent a second Junior Produce Judging Team made up of Cindy Hale, Ben Carter, and Addisyn Wilkins.  This team earned a respectful finish as the 6th High Junior Team Overall. Hale put together a complete performance, claiming her spot as the 5th High Individual Overall, followed by teammate Ben Carter in 6th. Carter was the 2nd High Individual in Placings, with Wilkins following closely behind in 4th. Produce Judging is coached by 4-H Jr. Leader, Makenna Greenwald.
Aside from judging, Goshen County produced some stellar results in Cake Decorating and Robotics. Senior Kylie Carson showcased her creative abilities with her superhero themed cake and was awarded 3rd High Senior Individual Overall. Juniors Coy Wilson and Tilly Fogle finished 4th and 5th High Individuals Overall for their cake-creations.
Several Goshen 4-H members put their programming and engineering skills to the test in the Robotics contest, where their robots competed in duels and several “missions.” The 1st  Place Junior Mini-Sumo title went to Goshen County’s Ayden Shimic, Beaux Shimic, and Brett Gara. Hadley Evans came in 2nd  with his Mini-Sumo performance. On top of that, Intermediate Lucas Gara finished 2nd  with his dueling robot. All the while, Goshen’s senior team composed of Bridger Stoddard, Bryan Baker, and William Baker
finished 4th.
Robotics contestants were challenged to program their robots on the spot in order to complete a required set of “missions” in 30 minutes or less. Goshen County’s Junior teams rose to the occasion finishing 1st and 2nd. The champion team was comprised of Ayden Shimic, Brett Gara, and Beaux Shimic. In 2nd  place was Hadley Evans, Connor Coxbill, and Emmett Coxbill. The 4th Place Junior Team of Coy Wilson, Benjamin Carter and Boden Barnes narrowly beat the 5th Place team of JW Klein, Cutter Billinger-Smith and Bryan Lowther.
The Intermediate teams from Goshen County followed suit, clenching 1st and 2nd in the Mission Challenge. Jackson Baker, Samuel Baker, and Tilly Fogle were awarded 1st  place for their performance, while Lucas Gara clenched 2nd .
The Robotics Construction competition allowed participants to design a robot for a specific space task. Goshen County Junior Teams swept the top five places:  In 5th Place Coy Wilson, Ben Carter and Boden Barnes. Hadley Evans (as an individual) earned 4th and Ayden Shimic, Brett Gara and Beaux Shimic earned 3rd Place. Connor Coxbill, Emmett Coxbill and Hadley Evans earned 2nd Place and the team of JW Klein, Bryan Lowther and Cutter Billinger-Smith earned 1st Place. The Intermediate Construction saw Jackson Baker, Sam Baker and Tilly Fogle clenching 5th Place.
Carly Keller earned 7th Place Senior in the Impromptu Presentation Contest. Carly had just a few minutes to prepare a 3-5 minute speech on a
selected topic.
Carly also earned 3rd Place Senior in the Table Setting Contest. Bridgette Lowther earned 7th Place in the same contest while Brianna Lowther placed 4th in the Intermediate division. Participants in this contest were tasked with designing a theme for their table and quizzed on their knowledge of various table
Finally, Goshen County’s Hippology teams dominated each division this past week as they competed in several events testing their horse-IQ. Kalelyn Isbell, Kailey Porter, and Tyler Stoddard finished 3rd in the Junior division just behind Jami Garson, Kenzie Wilkins, and Addisyn Wilkins in 2nd.  In the intermediate division, Jesse Lynn Garson and Jordan Stoddard duo sat 2nd.  Kendall Haas, Cora Fredrick, and Calli Klein, representing Goshen County’s Senior team, finished 3rd.  Hippology is coached by 4-H Volunteer Mercedes Powers.


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