Fire department receives new ambulance

Council begins budget discussion

LINGLE – The Lingle Town Council convened for the first regular meeting of May on Wednesday, May 5, at 5 p.m. Councilmember Brandie Cook and Police Chief Endra Andrews were absent from the meeting due to illness.

After the council and attendants recited the Pledge of Allegiance, Mayor George Siglin said the Lingle Volunteer Fire Department (LVFD) had finally received their new ambulance. He asked everyone to step out behind the building to see the new vehicle.

Goshen County resident Kelea Burns was present for the meeting to view the ambulance. Burns’ late husband, John Burns, had established a charitable trust before his passing in 2011, which ultimately paid for a portion of the $162,000 ambulance.

“When John died in 2011, the money was disbursed to three entities with the stipulation that the funds be invested and principal not touched for a certain number of years,” Kelea explained. “This being the 10th year, the money has matured and is able to be used for the purpose it was meant to be used for.” 

Kelea told the Guide, John been required to use the rescue unit a few times during his life. These interactions caused him to want to give back so that others could benefit from it in their time of need.

Fire Chief Kasey Bangerter was present for any questions about the new emergency response vehicle.

The council and Bangerter expressed words of thanks to Kelea and her late husband for their contribution to the town and the LVFD.

“Thanks to the Burns family for their big contribution,” Bangerter said to Burns.

“Can’t thank you enough for that,” Siglin added.

Councilmember Steve Edwardson presented the financial report to the council. He said the town’s expenses for April were $187,993.58 and revenues were $165,289.46. This resulted in a margin of $22,704.12 for April and a margin of $122,750.70 for the fiscal year.

The financial report was approved.

Bangerter provided his report to the council. He said the department had responded to three fire calls and two ambulance calls. They also had two members of the department attend Cody’s fire school to earn certifications.

Town Attorney Anna Barnes reported there was progress being made on outstanding bills as they were receiving payments for owed fees. She said there is also an impending civil/criminal trial she and Chief Andrews were working on.

Town Supervisor Larry Haeffelin reported the new playground equipment was up but was not yet useable as they are working to reinforce the legs of the equipment with concrete before opening the equipment to public use.

Haeffelin also reported he would begin filling the pool May 20th but would likely not open the pool until Memorial Day weekend, so long as the weather and pool cooperate.

Siglin presented a request by Mona Williams for a malt beverage permit for an upcoming family reunion to be held in the Lingle Community Center. The permit was approved.

Siglin said the town had received a request to have a way for people to hang items and use items for presentations within the community center. He said that he was not going to shift his perspective on the matter as he wanted to keep the building in the best shape possible.

“No nails in the walls, nothing on the walls,” he said.

As a possible compromise to the matter, Siglin and Haeffelin agreed to look into the purchase of a standalone magnetic white board for renters to use to hang items and make presentations.

The next meeting of the Lingle Town Council is scheduled for Wednesday, May 19, at 5 p.m. in the Lingle Community Center.

A brief history of the Lingle

ambulance service, courtesy of the Lingle Volunteer Fire Department:

The time we have all been waiting for has come. The new ambulance has shown up! We are ready to get it outfitted with our equipment and get it in service.

The Lingle Ambulance Service started in the late 1960’s with two members, Roger Brown and Lloyd Koerwitz. Back then, it was a load-and-go scenario, and they didn’t have to be certified to run as an EMT.

In the early 1970s, the state required all emergency medical technicians be certified, so Roger and Lloyd took one of the first classes offered to our area. They started with a Station Wagon as an ambulance and then worked their way into a van until 1979, when we were able to purchase our very first ambulance.

Lingle has always had a strong knowledgeable group of EMTs that have kept our service running strong for all these years and we pride ourselves in being one of the few free all volunteer services in the state.

Fast forward to 2019, we had been having a lot of trouble with our ambulance we have now and were worried about its reliability when we needed it most. One of our members, Tabitha Lambert, had a vision of getting a new ambulance, so this is where the journey started.

We looked into prices of new ambulances and knew there was no way we could afford one all by ourselves where we run strictly on community donations and a small budget from the town. We joined with the Town of Lingle, the Rural Fire District, State Lands and Investment Board and a very gracious donation from the John Burns Memorial Trust to make this all happen.

We hope no one has to ever ride in the ambulance but in the case you do we hope this new truck will make your ride more enjoyable and the care given the best we can! Again, thanks to everyone that was involved in this to help make it happen, if anyone runs into Mrs. Burns around town, please tell her thank you for their donation to our service!


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