County swears in new officials, commissioner

TORRINGTON – The calendar has moved on from 2018 into new territory in 2019, and as such newly sworn-in Goshen County Commissioner Cody Cox ventured into some new territory of his own Wednesday – the commission chambers at the Goshen County Courthouse. 

Cox was formally sworn in Wednesday morning by District Court Judge Patrick Korell, along with new Goshen County Treasurer Leticia Dominguez, new Goshen County Sheriff Kory Fleenor, incumbent Goshen County Assessor Debra Surratt, incumbent Goshen County Clerk Cindy Kenyon and incumbent commissioner John Ellis. 

Later that morning, Cox took part in his first commission meeting. According to him, the two months since his election have gone by slowly. 

“On the calendar it doesn’t look like it, but it sure feels like it,” he said. “It has been awhile since June when I first decided I was going to run.”

Cox will join sitting commissioners Ellis and Wally Wolski on the dais. 

“First of all, I just want to learn from Wally and John about the day-to-day processes and go from there,” he said. “I don’t really have agendas in mind. I just wanted to give back to the community and the county.”

The meeting itself was quiet. Fire Warden Bill Law and Emergency Management Coordinator Shelley Kirchhefer presented their end-of-year reports for 2018, and Kenyon reported that her office earned over $75,000 in vehicles title sales during 2018. 

“That’s really high,” she said. “People must be feeling good and bying cars and I think that’s a good for our economy.”

“That is a good sign,” Wolski said. 

Outgoing commission chair Carl Rupp, who retired from his post, told the commission that he had fond memories of working together, and left some sage advice for Cox. 

“I wish the commission good luck,” he said. “We’ve been good friends besides working together on county commission stuff. Cody will fit in and he’ll do a great job. I told Cody if he doesn’t understand something, ask again. And if he needs to, ask again and ask again until you understand what it is.”

For his part, Cox said he is eager to get started as a commissioner and serve the county. The biggest issue facing the county, he said, is making the budget work – and that’s a challenge he’s ready to take on. 

“I’m ready to get going and I’m looking forward to the next four years,” he said. “We’re limited in the money that we get and we have to spread it out throughout the whole county.”


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