County clerk to discuss issues with Washington officials

TORRINGTON – In a stroke of good luck, Goshen County Clerk Cindy Kenyon and her husband, City of Torrington Emergency Management Coordinator Chuck Kenyon, will be able to extend their vacation next month in order to directly discuss city and county business with senior officials from the White House. 

The Kenyons will be taking part in President Donald Trump’s Regional State Leaderships Days initiative. Along with the opportunity to discuss local issues with national leadership, they will be delivering letters from elected officials, local agencies and supervisors to inform the White House about the struggles of local government more than 1,600 miles from Washington, D.C.

“My husband and I had planned a vacation to go to Washington, D.C.,” Cindy Kenyon said. “Now, we have learned that the local government invitation for participation in President Trump’s local government outreach program is during that time. 

“We’re staying an extra day, on our own dime, and we are participating in that. Seeing as we have so many issues facing our area at this time.”

Cindy Kenyon said they plan to discuss local funding, federal overreach, the Bureau of Reclamation and their canals and tunnels with the federal officials. The letters will provide an opportunity for other local leaders to have their voices heard. 

“Wyoming Senator Cheri Steinmetz will be participating, the commissioners have said they will participate and the Wyoming County Clerks Association – because elections are a huge thing right now,” Cindy said. “I just want to take enough information and schedule some time with some agencies to visit about particular issues in our area.”

According to an e-mail from the White House, the Regional State Leadership Days initiative has opened doors for local leaders to discuss important issues with the Trump administration. 

“We recently concluded the second event with local elected officials from the Northeast joining us for briefings and discussion with Senior Administration officials on shared federal-state-local priorities, including infrastructure, rural development and community revitalization, combatting the opioid crisis, and more,” the email said. “United States Department of Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and Larry Kudlow, Assistant to the President for Economic Policy, among other Senior Officials, joined us for a successful event.”

It’s an opportunity, Cindy said, to take advantage of President Trump’s rural initiative.

“I have a list of about 12 locals that I’m contacting for information, and I would welcome more,” she said. “I will have an opportunity to meet with several agency officials to let them know what we face out here in the middle of nowhere, where we’re largely conservative. 

“I think our president right now, with his outreach to rural areas, is really accomplishing a great thing.”


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