Council addresses electric rate increase

Logan Dailey/Lingle Guide Councilman Steve Edwardson clarifies with the council the amended liquor license ordinance for the town of Lingle will affect all businesses with liquor licenses, and that no businesses will be exempt from this ruling.

LINGLE – Residents and businesses would see a slight increase in future electric bills under an ordinance approved on first reading last week by the Lingle Town Council.

Noting a cost increase from Wyoming Municipal Power Agency, Mayor George Siglin introduced Ordinance No. 348.

WMPA is the wholesale electricity provider for eight public power communities in Wyoming.

Cody, Powell, Lusk, Lingle, Guernsey, Fort Laramie, Wheatland, and Pine Bluffs are all full members of WMPA.

The town will pass those additional costs directly on to customers, Siglin said. WMPA recently increased rates by 2-cents per kilowatt hour.

The increase will affect the entire town of Lingle, bringing the cost of electricity for residents and business owners to 15 cents per kilowatt-hour.

No other services would be affected by this change, only the increase in the price of electricity.

A second ordinance presented for first reading would change “hours and time licensed retail liquor dealers shall be permitted to be open for business, and the time all patrons are to be removed from the business premise, etc.”

Siglin said the council intended to add the following language: “All retail businesses issued a retail restaurant liquor dealer license by the town of Lingle are required to be open for business to the general public [for] a minimum of 30 hours a week. The town realizes exceptions may occur; examples would be vacation, sickness, and those exceptions will be heard on a case by case basis.”

Siglin read the ordinance by title and asked for a vote. Town Clerk Richard Reyes noted the vote could not be conducted without a motion. Welte moved to accept the ordinance as presented.

Neither ordinance will go into effect without passing votes at two more council meetings.

In other business:

• Reyes said he had submitted the final quarterly report on the Lingle Community Center, and added that reports will now be done yearly. These reports will run through May 1, 2025.

• Reyes said the insurance policy for the town was renewed for the 2020-2021 fiscal year. Reyes also said that he had submitted the final infrastructure report for the Lingle Community Center, as well.

• Siglin told the council the town has a money market account at Points West Bank in Lingle. Mayor Siglin recommended the money from that account be transferred to the general fund. Councilman Edwardson moved to move the funds from the account to the general fund.

Siglin added the account made a total of $9.70 in all of 2019.

• Siglin urged residents to pay close attention to the upcoming elections and cuts from the state of Wyoming.

• Siglin requested an executive session added to the end of the meeting. The agenda was passed, there were no bills to be addressed, and the council approved the minutes from the Aug. 5 meeting.

• Mayor Siglin said Greg Christoffersen of the Lingle Fire Department had planned to ask questions about doing fundraisers, but he too was fighting fires with Councilman Lambert.

Siglin concluded the meeting, and the council moved to the executive session at 5:13 p.m.


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