Community in the Park boasts great turnout

LINGLE – This year’s Community in the Park, sponsored by the Lingle-Fort Laramie Lions Club, served over 350 meals to residents, friends and neighbors. The event featured music from local musicians: Community Band, Jazz Band and the Torrington Fiddlers Association.

“It’s a get-together for everybody to relax, visit with their neighbors and listen to some music,” Lions Club member Bill Carr told the Guide.

Lingle-Fort Laramie Lions Club members served ice cream to participants for a small fee and sponsored a free swim at the Lingle Pool. The Lions Club members served the entirety of four large ice cream containers to attendees.

Additionally, the Lions Club accepted donations of non-perishable food items to the Goshen County food pantries. In the end, they had numerous boxes filled with the food items which will be donated.

The club also received usable eyeglasses donated by attendees which will be donated to the Lions Eyeglass Collection Project through their foundation.

“It was a great crowd tonight, more than we’ve had in a couple years,” Lingle-Fort Laramie Lions Club President Bruce Carnahan told the Guide. “We had a great turnout this year. The ice cream we sell, and use it [the proceeds] for the club. All of the club money goes back into the community.”

The crowds in the past couple of years had dwindled after the impact of the COVID-19 on the community, but Carnahan was pleased to report the event was back in full force.

“We missed the COVID year, and then last year was the first year back,” Carnahan said. “This year, we’re back, and I would like to thank the community for the great turnout.”

The Lingle Volunteer Fire Department (LVFD) grilled and served hamburgers, hotdogs, beans and chips to those attending. The food was free for attendees with the request of a freewill donation. LVFD ended up serving 350 hamburgers, more than 100 hot dogs and more. 

At the culmination of the event, the LVFD ended up with more than $2,700 donated. After the cost of the hamburgers, hotdogs and additional costs to fund the food, the fire department received $1,468.97 in donations they will use towards fire department operations and equipment costs. 

LVFD expressed their sincere thanks to the community for the donations and look forward to being able to use the money to better serve their community’s emergency service needs.

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