Commissioners deal with slim agenda

Goshen County Commission

TORRINGTON – The Goshen County Commission launched its 2018 sessions by retaining the same officers and committee assignments. Carl Rupp remains as chairman and Wally Wolski as vice chairman, with John Ellis as the third member.
Their agenda was slim, with brief reports from County Clerk Cindy Kenyon, Road and Bridge Superintendent Jerry Hort, County Planner Gary Childs, Assessor Debbie Surratt, Emergency Manager Shelly Kirchhefer, Fire Warden Bill Law, and others.
However, according to Rupp, the opening of a new gravel pit in the northern part of the county is an accomplishment they have been working on for some time. Hort said that opening the proposed site, about two miles northwest of Lingle, is on hold until the contractor finishes current obligations.
“We checked the site with a geologist and it looks like good material,” Hort said. “There are three hills and we have a permit for more area.”
Hort said the county has about run out of gravel at the current site west of LaGrange. “It’s about 4-5 years old, but there never was a great amount. We were able to take care of roads down there, and some near Huntley that had never been gravelled.”
Wolski briefed the commission on progress of the ENDOW project, in which he is involved. Established by Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead in early 2017, the ENDOW committee released a preliminary finding to Mead and the Wyoming Legislature on Dec. 29.
“It’s been quite a process,” Wolski said, noting the report is 49 pages long, and offers priorities for developing all of Wyoming’s economic sectors, not just a few. He added that he is the only committee representative from a small rural community.
The Commissioners also discussed the difficulty they have in getting residents to volunteer for various county board positions, such as fair, lodging tax and county planning. They encourage anyone interested in serving on a board to contact them individually, or the County Clerk’s Office.

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