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LINGLE – A new bear enclosure at Riverside Discovery Center in Scottsbluff, Neb. is now $1,500 closer to becoming a reality, thanks to students at Lingle-Fort Laramie Elementary.

“L-FL fifth-grade student leaders … spearheaded a fundraising campaign to increase awareness and funding for the construction of a new bear enclosure at Riverside Discovery Center … for two orphaned grizzly bear cubs that need more space,” L-FL librarian Denise Jackson said. “Our original goal was to raise $1,000, but due to the awesome community we live in and their amazing support, we were able to raise (more than) $1,500, through a walk-a-thon, raffle, staff and student support day, and a change box at a local business.”

The walk-a-thon, in particular, took place Tuesday, May 28 and involved all students at L-FL Elementary. Individual classes began in the art room for bear face painting, posed for a group photo, completed a bear obstacle course in the gymnasium – complete with a tunnel, balance bar, and bear walk, all the while holding a stuffed fish – and then finished with a light snack and drink.

Originally, the event was to take students outside to the track and playground area, but a downpour and chilly temperatures on Tuesday kept participants within school walls. 

Despite the change in plans, students appeared to enjoy themselves during the walk-a-thon and can begin summer break proud of their accomplishments during the school year and contribution to the grizzlies at Riverside
Discovery Center.


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