“Born to Fight: Lincoln and Trump”

Local author releases comparative biography

GOSHEN COUNTY – Goshen County resident Gretchen Wollert recently released her newly published first book, “Born to Fight – Lincoln and Trump,” a biographical analysis of two of America’s presidents: Abraham Lincoln and Donald J. Trump.

According to Wollert’s website gretchenwollert.com, “Wollert developed a fascination for Abraham Lincoln, also from her native Kentucky during college where she earned double degrees in English and American History.”

“I was born and raised in Louisville, Ky. to a conservative family; my faith kept me honest and humble,” Wollert said in a question-and-answer segment on her website. “I was always an avid reader with a book in hand, and writing was always an expression of my creativity. My love for history really emerged during my sophomore year in college when my professors brought our nation’s struggles to life. This intensified my desire to continue studies in history, especially American history.”

Wollert said she became fascinated by the similarities between Abraham Lincoln and Donald Trump as she observed Trump throughout his time in the White House. She then committed almost four years to researching the two presidents in order to write the book.

In the book, Wollert focuses not only on the decisions made by the presidents, but also their character and personalities. She then develops a well-rounded perspective of who each man was, allowing the reader to really get to know each subject, on a more personal level.

Wollert points out five things that stood out about the two while she was conducting her research: “both won through the Electoral College, despite not receiving the popular vote, both had independent streaks in their leadership styles and has charismatic personalities, both were masters at deflecting media critics, both led the country during divisive times, and both were family men who had young sons growing up in the White House.”

In addition, Wollert noted several other similarities in each of the president’s character: “extreme and unassailable confidence, they both were original showmen as demonstrated when communicating to the masses, leadership and problem-solving styles embraced a try-and-see method, a forge ahead and keep moving approach to battles, a natural and sincere connection to the common person and a decisive and determined stubbornness with a clear, ‘never give up’ attitude.”

Though she had spent years researching and learning information about the two presidents, Wollert began writing her book in January. She then began working on putting together a proposal to send to prospective publishers for the book. After beginning the process, she began encountering issues with COVID-19, when most of the nation’s progress was halted due to the virus’s emergence in early 2020.

Eventually, she had two interested publishers. She decided Cedar Fort Publishing and Media would be the best option of the two and chose to sign a contract with them. After the contract was accepted, she began working on getting endorsements for the book.

Wollert told the Guide, “It’s hard to get past the gatekeepers and break through; the challenge is trying to get past the censorship. It has been an uphill struggle, but good things are starting to happen.”

Adding to the uphill battle, Wollert explained how Facebook would not allow her publishing agency to advertise her book. She was now one of the many victims of Facebook censorship.

Wollert said issues had been raised over the fact the title included words like “Fight,” “Trump” and even “Lincoln.”

“We need to stand up for what’s right,” Wollert said. “Trump needs a fair assessment for what he did for the past four years.”

Wollert’s book can be purchased online through her website or on Amazon.com. The book is available in both print paperback and for Kindle.

In addition to authoring, Wollert spends time with her husband, Mike Wollert, farming and is the chairman of the Valley Christian Schoolboard. Though she doesn’t teach school now, she is a certified History and English Teacher. She also expresses her entrepreneurial spirit by owning and operating Pleasant Valley Greenhouse and Recreation, located at 4308 U.S. Highway 26/85, Torrington, WY 82240.



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