Beefing up Wyoming’s economy

Andrew D. Brosig/lingle guide file Sen. Cheri Steinmetz (R-Lingle) speaks to a group of Republican supporters in Goshen County. Steinmetz has called for additional support for the agriculture industry in Wyoming, calling it the “most stable” of the state’s three legacy industries.

GOSHEN COUNTY – As we navigate trying times in the wake of COVID 19, we must embrace vision in order to beef up Wyoming’s economy. We have a rare opportunity to diversify by adding value to agriculture and becoming more self-sufficient in the process. By housing the supply chain from farm to fork in-state, we can create new jobs, ensure profitability for producers, reduce costs for consumers and ignite the local food movement. As we look at the three-legged stool of Wyoming’s economy consisting of our legacy industries – energy, agriculture and tourism – clearly, agriculture has proven to be the most stable of the three and is potentially becoming our number one industry. This makes for a solid foundation to build upon. State leaders should take note and respond accordingly.

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